about sri lanka beauti.....{Idalgashinna Mountain is situated in Idalgashinna which is a small village in the Badulla district. It is a popular hiking area and is home to one of the most scenic treks in the Sri Lanka, the railway track extending from the Idalgashinna Station to the Ohiya S


With Pattipola railway station being the highest of Sri Lanka, Idalgashinna will definitely ring a bell when you think about most beautiful railway stations of Sri Lanka. A charming old thick stone building from colonial era, it’s always embraced by a blanket of mist in the evenings. It is mesmerizing to watch the mist flow encircling the station.

Idalgashinna is a small village with magnificent views situated at a height of 5300 feet above sea level, located in between the towns of Haputale and Ohiya, approximately 190km from Colombo.

The charming railway station, offers stunning views of pine trees, hills and valleys. Between Ohiya and Idalgashinna stations, there are 14 tunnels, holding the record for highest number of tunnels between two railway stations in Sri lanka.

Close to the railway station is the Idalgashinna Mountain which trekkers would love to climb and experience heavenly sceneries from up above. The best views at the station and the mountain top can be experienced at day break because the mist takes over most hill country scenes in the afternoon.

If you like railroad hiking, you can do a hike to the next railway station. During your railroad hike, you will most probably get a chance to walk in isolation, taking in the beauty of the enchanting scenery.The last train from Idalgashinna to Badulla comes in at 5.00pm and if going back to Colombo, the last train leaves at about 8.00pm. It is always best to check in advance about train timings with the station staff because, unlike in cities, every transport option is not freely available in these remote areas.